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Getting Blind Sided by the USA Film Festival

One of the great benefits of being a member of the USA Film Festival is the incredible screenings that you are invited to all year long. Most of the films haven't opened at the theaters yet and many have people from the film in attendance. I was able to go and see Julie and Julia a few months ago and absolutely loved it, so when I got an invitation for The Blind Side I thought it looked like a great evening.

It's so easy to have a pity party these days - unemployment everywhere, businesses and clients going out of business, foreclosures... just when you think you have it bad there's a great film like this to snap you out of it and remind you what life is all about. It is a true story that takes place in Memphis and some of it is about a part of Memphis that I've driven through on my way to doing home shows in Tunica. Poverty is everywhere, it's just many of us chose to ignore it.

Sandra Bullock plays the mother in this film and she was absolutely incredible! This film will change any perception that you have of her, and I really believe her performance is Oscar-worthy. Director and Texas native John Lee Hancock was in attendance and delightful.What's so cool about USA Film Festival screenings is that after the film the guests typically hold Q&A sessions and you get to hear inside stories about the actors and what was involved in making the film. Really great stories about Sandra Bullock and it was wonderful to know what a true professional she is and how much she made sure to stay true to the real person she was playing.

The film opens on November 20th, and is from Warner Brothers. If nothing else, make this the film your family goes and sees Thanksgiving evening - it will change the way you look at the holidays.

The Green Evolution

So you say you want an evolution... well it looks like the Green Evolution is here, and here to stay. No matter what industry you are in, everyone seems to be getting on “The Green Train”. But what does this really mean to you, and the world you live in?

Defining Green is not an easy task, and the definition seems to be changing every day and mean different things to different people. It can be as simple as putting your trash in the appropriate container or as complex as an off-grid solar home. The important thing is that you do something and incorporate a green lifestyle into the way you live today and in the future.

I heard an excellent example this week at the Manufactured Housing Conference where we were blessed to have Mark LaLiberte as a speaker. He used the example of a green builder in Connecticut who was bragging about the great granite he was able to get inexpensively in China. Being that New Hampshire - the granite state - borders Connecticut Mark asked why he didn’t source the product there. Sometimes we have to look at issues besides price - think about all of the energy that was wasted getting the product from China as well as the jobs locally he might have saved - and those employees that might have become customers - and to me it puts a different spin on how we forgo value for price many times.

I see the greening of America as being an evolution instead of a revolution because it’s not going to happen overnight, but if everyone starts asking the question about what their choices are going to mean for ours and our families quality of life in the future hopefully we can start turning things around.

The Ultimate Fan

I have a favor to ask of all of you that really doesn't have anything to do with this blog but it does - my 10 year old nephew is learning an important lesson about marketing and the power of the internet.

Sam lives in Oklahoma City and is the ultimate sports fan - he is crazy about the OKC Thunders and goes dressed to show his support to almost every game. His parents have always been wise enough to let Sam find his own calling, so his enthusiasm (and his outfits) are all his idea. Because of this, Sam was nominated to be part of the Ultimate Fan Finale.

He is also a great well rounded child (and I am a proud aunt!),does very well in school and loves to cook with me - we entered the State Fair of Texas Cooking contests this year and Sam won two 2nd place ribbons!

If Sam wins this contest he gets to go to Boston and see his team play there as well as learn some valuable history lessons when he gets to tour the city.

Please help me encourage Sam to follow his dreams. The link for where to vote on the NBA site is here, and you can vote was many times as you would like. Most of the others that are up for this honor are adults so I'm even more proud of what he's accomplished. Please vote for Sam Davis and vote often!