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New Year, New Opportunities

 We are so happy to have 2020 well over the horizon, and we are so excited about what 2021 what have in store for us! As for many of you, last year was a test of faith, but we are ready to move forward. Happy 2021 everyone!

Summer Travels

What a busy Summer it has been! Not only did we get to photography some wonderful events right here in Texas, we also traveled coast to coast to work with some new clients.

One of our favorite trips was to the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  There was so much to see and do it was difficult to leave!

Provocations at The Nasher Sculpture Center

Every time I am fortunate enough to be asked to photograph an event at The Nasher Sculpture Center I get excited, because event at the Nasher are never mundane.

Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio was one of those very special events, and it started right outside the Nasher doors where some of the "Spun" chairs were sitting, ready for someone to play.

I think I ended up going back to view this exhibit at least a dozen times, and delighted in sharing the experience with friends and family - no one could resist the lure of the chairs and teh feeling of being young at heart no matter what age you truly are.

Dallas Event Photography

Dallas is home for Lisa Stewart Photography, but we also travel and have been hired all over the world.

Why did we decide to make Dallas home? We love the vibrancy of this beautiful city and the fact that there's always something interesting to photograph and share.